I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I've been a bit slow with updates recently, sorry for that. The reasons for this were my wedding and honeymoon! I've been to Ireland for a week and I'm still only halfway back, meaning that my body is here but my mind is still somewhere in Kerry County. Oh well. It has been an incredible trip and I brought back some pictures I'd love to show you! You can find a new gallery right here! I've also added a new collection to the shop with some of the best photos, so check that out as well!


I haven't forgotten you guys while I was away though, I thought a lot about the new project, ThatPhotoThing. I'm making some serious progress with it and hope to be able to start it all in a few weeks from now. I ordered some more gear I realized I would need during the first testshots but now I'm almost ready to go! Almost because, well, my lovely X-T1 has suffered quite a bit as it seems. Ireland has some nasty weather at times and my water resistant camera with water resistant lens got... water damaged. Tough luck! Still trying to find out where to send it in for repairs as I live in Luxembourg. If you know, thanks for telling me in the comments!

As a small side note, I'm also getting rid of the newsletter. If you're one of the few subscribers (I love you!), I recommend just adding me to your RSS feed as that's the only thing I did with the newsletter anyway, tell you when I post something new!  

That's all for now, let me know if you like the new photos!